2024 – February Meeting for Business Documents

Meeting for Worship for Business

February 18, 2024 at 12:15 pm

Hybrid – Attend in person or join via Zoom

Agenda – Documents attached below

  1. Opening Worship
  2. Reading of the Land Acknowledgement Statement
  3. Reading of Query for the Second Month
  4. Clerk’s Report 
  5. Nominating: Preliminary Committee List for Terms Ending 2025/26/27
  6. Property Committee: Update
  7. Care and Counsel: First Reading of Membership Request
  8. Landscape Committee: Question for consideration
  9. Office and Administration Annual Report
  10. Skyspace Annual Report
  11. Minutes for Approval: January
  12. Announcements
    1. Reports Due in March
      1. Adult Religious Education Annual Report
      2. Hospitality Annual Report  
      3. Nominating: Report on Committee Membership
      4. Recorder Annual Report
      5. Treasurer’s Quarterly Report
    2. Release date for March 17 (3rd Sat) is tomorrow 
  13. Closing Worship

Query for the Second Month – Deepening Our Faith: Meeting for Business

  • Is our meeting for business held in worship in which we seek divine guidance?
  • How do we sustain prayerful consideration of all aspects of an issue and address difficult problems with a search for truth that is unhurried by the pressures of time?
  • Do we recognize that we speak through our inaction as well as our action?
  • Do I regularly attend meeting for business? If unable to attend, how do I fulfill the responsibility to understand and embrace the decisions made?
  • How do I affirm and support God’s presence in the process of discernment and reaching a decision?
  • Do I remain open to personal transformation as the community arrives at the sense of the meeting?